Peperomia 'Tetragona' (Parallel Peperomia) 4"

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One of our favourites, commonly called "Parallel Peperomia" and formerly known as "Peperomia Puteolata". A plant with much to admire: ovate, thick, ridged foliage akin to a watermelon (striped in alternating dark and light green), which emerges bronze; tiers of whorling leaf sets on wiry stems of contrasting burgundy; and a habit that is best described as "bedhead" — with stems growing up, and out, and every which way. Looks especially good potted in our new Flora Planter 12 cm / 4.25". Prefers bright indirect to filtered sunlight. Avoid exposure to direct sun, as this may scorch leaves. Prune regularly to encourage new growth and improve overall shape.


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5-6" Ø and 8-10" h

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