Radiator Plant


Peperomia Albovittata 'Piccolo Banda' / Angulata / Hope / Puteolata / Prostrata / Ripple / Rosso


Native to Central and South America


General Care


Medium to bright filtered. Avoid direct sun, which scorches leaves or ruins leaf colour. Avoid low light. Position close to a bright window in winter.


15-24°C. Keep above 10°C. Protect from hot and cold drafts.


Average to higher.  For extra humidity: place pot on moist pebbles in a tray, group with other plants, or, introduce a humidifier. Do not mist leaves.


Every 1-2 weeks. Water sparingly and allow lightly moist potting mix to dry almost fully. Semi-succulent and somewhat drought tolerant. Always check moisture level before watering. Aerate mix to improve its condition.


Every month (spring-summer). Use organic houseplant fertilizer, according to packaging instructions.


Every 1-2 weeks, rotate plant to ensure even growth. Every 1-2 months, dust leaves with a soft, dry paintbrush or shaving brush. Pinch leggy stems to encourage denser growth. Remove spent leaves. Trim faded flower spikes to nearest set of leaves with sterile shears. Trim unsightly or unruly vines.

Potting and Repotting

Peat or coir-based potting mix. Every 1-2 years (spring) move plant into a planter 1-2” larger (diameter and depth); or, divide and repot in the same planter, using new potting mix, after cleaning planter and partially trimming back roots and foliage. Top dress annually, once maximum convenient planter size reached.

Special Points/Common Problems: 

  • Curling or droopy leaves often suggest underwatering.
  • Yellowing leaves, brown spots or mushiness often suggest rot or root disease from overwatering.
  • Dry, crinkly or brittle leaf edges may suggest poor humidity.
  • Many varieties produce a long, thin, green, white, cream-coloured flower spike. Once faded, trim flowers back at their base.