Sansevieria Masoniana (Shark Fin Snake Plant) 6"

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A striking succulent composed of a single blade or multiple blades, awhirl, and each beautifully mottled dark and light green. New growth emerges slowly, often at the perimeter of the pot, and unfurls in opposing directions to the existing blade. Matures over many years into a jagged dense mass. May produce tall, sticky spires of white flowers in optimal conditions. Sansevierias — aka Snake Plants — are attractive, hardy and adaptive plants for high-traffic and climactically adverse zones within the home or workplace. We adore the novel varieties, especially, and highly recommend them! Best suited to any of our small tabletop planters by Bergs Potter. Prefers bright indirect to filtered sunlight. Tolerates low light and tolerates some direct sun.

Air purifying
For beginners
Low light tolerant
Toxic to pets/people

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8-10" Ø and 10-16" h 

Planter Details

Arrives well-watered in a nursery grow pot.

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