Scilla Violacea / Ledebouria Socialis (Leopard Lily or Silver Squill) 4"

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A real charmer known as "Wood Hyacinth" or "Leopard Lily"! Native to South Africa, this plant features a dense colony of tiny purple bulbs with papery skins. From them, tufts of silvery lance-shaped leaves emerge, featuring dark green spots and contrasting purple undersides. Given sufficient light and once established, dainty racemes of tiny star-shaped flowers may appear annually. Best suited to any small tabletop planter from Bergs Potter. Prefers bright indirect to filtered sunlight. Avoid exposure to direct afternoon sun, as this may scorch and permanently damage leaves.

Toxic to pets/people

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8-10" Ø and 8-10" h

Planter Details

Arrives well-watered in a nursery grow pot.

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