Rhipsalis Paradoxa (Chain Cactus) 4"

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An excellent trailing epiphytic cactus with twisted limbs that resemble a chain. Also called Chain Cactus. Often thornless. Consists of many smooth, concave, three-lobed segments, each emerging in a twisted, near-perpendicular position to the last; these form a long, spiralling, linked cord. Plants are immature but established. New growth is often lime or peach-coloured, while mature growth is a soft green. May achieve impressive lengths of 6' or more when grown indoors. Place on a sunlight shelf or mantle — up high! — from which growths may hang freely. May produce small white flowers under ideal growing conditions. Best suited any x-small planter from Bergs Potter. Prefers bright to indirect sunlight.

Toxic to pets/people

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5-7"Ø and 5-7" h (including vines)

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