Platycerium Bifurcatum (Common Staghorn or Elkhorn Fern) 4"

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An eye-catching epiphyte composed of two distinctive growths. Foliar fronds are green, fuzzy, forked leaves that resemble antlers and account for the plant's common name; these last for years before being replaced by longer, larger sculptural counterparts. Shield fronds are green, heavily veined and pad-like growths; they fade into papery brown layers but must be left undisturbed, as they protect root systems, retain moisture and anchor plants. Staghorn Ferns may be grown in planters or mounted to supports for display in suspension or against a wall. Regardless, they are sure to impress. They are best suited to our small planters from Bergs Potter. Prefers bright indirect to filtered sunlight, and high humidity. Avoid exposure to direct afternoon sun, as this may scorch and permanently damage leaves.

Air purifying

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8-10" Ø and 10-12" h (including vines)

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