Orbea Caudata (Carrion Flower) 4"

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A quirky succulent with low, clumping, spiky growths and showy, star-shaped flowers. Also called Carrion Flower as blooms attract pollinating insects with a fragrance akin to rotting meat. Features fleshy upright stems with ascending spine-like teeth in a beautiful glaucous green with some violet mottling. When sun-stressed, variegation intensifies and much of the plant assumes a deep aubergine colour. Once established and under ideal growing conditions, plant may produce a stunning five pointed flower that resembles a starfish. Dark yellow and often dotted with burgundy, blooms are impressive and well worth the wait! Suitable for a very sunny windowsill, tabletop or shelf potted in any small planter by Bergs Potter. Prefers bright direct sunlight.

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6-8" Ø and 6-8" h.

Planter Details

Arrives well-watered in a nursery grot pot.

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