Kalanchoe Tomentosa 'Chocolate Solider' (Panda Plant) 2.5"

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An adorable succulent known as "Panda Plant" due to its fuzzy foliage. Sturdy upright stems develop a woody consistency as the plant matures up to 10" wide and 1' tall. Heavily branching habit. Slow growing. Charming chocolate-tinged glaucous leaves are hairy, fleshy, narrow and cupped, resembling the ears of a cat (or kangaroo, as they grow and lengthen). A sun worshipper. May produce racemes of equally fuzzy bell-shaped flowers, which grow in clusters, a vivid lime green and burgundy in colour. As it is very poisonous to cats and dogs, display on a shelf with unobstructed westerly or southerly exposure, potted in any mini-sized Bergs Potter planter, such as the new Hoff Planter 8 cm / 3" or Flora Planter 10 cm / 3.5.

Toxic to pets/people

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3-4" Ø and 5-7" h

Planter Details

Arrives well-watered in a nursery grow pot.

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