Euphorbia Lactea 'White Ghost' (Milkstripe Euphorbia) 4"

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An unusual and immature specimen. Commonly known as "White Ghost" or "Milkstripe Euphorbia," and a cultivar of Euphorbia Lactea. Slow-growing, nearly-white and usually leafless. Consists of a freely branching network of upright, triangular stems with thorny ridges. Resembles a dense candelabra in maturity yet remains relatively short when grown indoors (up to 2'). Creamy white to yellow flesh contains little to no chlorophyll. Best suited to a spot with bright direct light, planted in any small-sized planter by Bergs Potter. Looks — and is — sharp! Contains a toxic, milky sap!Place beyond reach of small children and pets.

Toxic to pets/people

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3-4" Ø and 8-10" h

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