Moisture Meter

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A tool that helps remove the guesswork from plant watering. Indicates soil moisture level within a dry (1-3) to moist (4-7) to wet (8-10) range. Insert probe to mid soil depth (for tabletop plants) or base soil depth (for floor plants), in several spots, throughout the nursery pot or planter. Note moisture level(s) once dial stabilizes. (Take care to avoid piercing roots or rhizomes, which provide some resistance to probe.) Avoid watering plants that are wet (7-9). Apply water, in moderation, to soil that is dry to mildly moist (1-4). Ensure plants do not remain fully dry (1-2) for long. After watering, wait 10-15 minutes. Reinsert probe in several spots to verify moisture level. Apply additional water, as needed, to achieve a consistent high moist reading (6-7). Remove probe from soil and wipe dry after use. Do not immerse probe in water, as this will damage it.


10.5" l x 2.5 w