Aeschynanthus Longicaulis (Lipstick Plant 'Black Pagoda' / Zebra Vine) 4"

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A dense, trailing plant with spectacular foliage. Commonly called Lipstick Plant on account of its orange-red, saxophone-shaped flowers. Semi-succulent, lanceolate leaves. Acid green venation and contrasting burgundy undersides combine to produce a zebra-like effect, which is best appreciated from a vantage below. Flexible stems mature to a woody consistency and colour. Benefits from added humidity and regular pruning. Prefers bright indirect to filtered light. Avoid exposure to direct afternoon sun, as this may scorch and permanently damage leaves. Best suited to a sunny shelf, potted in any small Bergs Potter planter. 

Larger specimens available in-store and potted in a rose Parade Planter 18 cm / 6.5".

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8-10" Ø and 8-10" h

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Arrives well-watered in a nursery grow pot.

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