Miyabi Metallic Vase 17 cm / 6.75"

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An attractive stainless steel vase with a narrow, columnar body and large, cup-shaped mouth. Well-suited towards creating tall, sculptural displays using a limited quantity and variety of stems. Part of a series designed by Kazushige Miyaki for Blomus and inspired by ikebana — the Japanese art of floral arranging. Its moniker aptly translates as "elegant," "graceful" and "refined." Polished finish.


6.5" Ø x 8.25" h (2" opening)


Founded in 1961 in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany and family-run, Blomus produces thoughtful, minimalist and functional design accessories for the contemporary home. Their commitment to quality materials, craftsmanship and innovation distinguishes them from many.

Clean using mildly soapy water with a non-abrasive cloth.