Continuous Spray Mister

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A sleek continuous spray mister that reaches all your indoor plants, from any angle. Add instant humidity or clean dust-covered leaves without experiencing finger fatigue. Features an ergonomic handle and a fine mist nozzle. Leak-proof, easy to refill and quiet when in use. Made from BPA-free, durable and lightweight molded plastic (PET). Capacity of 160 mL. Designed in Holland.


10" h x 2.5" Ø


Flairosol® launched their patented continuous spray device in 2010 and it was the first of its kind to be free of pressurized gases and environmentally harmful propellants. Now, it is widely used across various industries — hair and body care, home and car cleaning, pet grooming and plant care, to name a few.

Soak all disassembled parts in a mild vinegar solution and rinse with very warm water if and as required.