Polyscias Fruticosa (Ming Aralia) 6"

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A slow-growing shrub with lush, lacy, draping foliage on gnarly, thick stems. Resembles a tree in miniature. Also called Ming Aralia. Wonderful herbaceous scent suggests its medicinal properties, which are celebrated in some parts of the world. Features forest-green, doubly-serrated tripinnate leaves. These are almost baroque, and extend from long, reedy petioles on tan, hewn stems that look like wooden trunks. Matures to a height of around 6' over many years when grown indoors. Place beyond the path of pets and small children as the sap is an irritant and the plant is toxic if ingested! Best suited to any of our medium planters from Bergs Potter. Prefers high humidity and bright indirect to filtered sunlight. Avoid exposure to direct afternoon sun, as this may scorch and permanently damage leaves.

Air purifying
Toxic to pets/people

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14-16" Ø and 20-26" h

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