Hoya Macrophylla Variegata 6"

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A variety of hoya with foliage that resembles reptilian scales. Features emerald green elliptical leaves with cream and pink variegation. Pink-tinged stems. Leaf veins are in high relief and run parallel, unusually. Supporting arteries create a crocodile-like pattern on the surface. Hoyas — aka "wax plants," thanks to their thick, waxy leaves — are among our favourite indoor houseplants. The species is largely drought-tolerant, endures for years in the same pot, grows to epic proportions, propagates easily, and produces recurring clusters of fragrant, star-shaped flowers in ideal growing conditions. Best suited to any small tabletop planter by Bergs Potter. Prefers bright indirect to filtered sunlight. Avoid exposure to direct afternoon sun, as this may scorch and permanently damage leaves. Sensitive to overwatering.

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10-12" Ø and 10-14" h (including vines)

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