Euphorbia Tirucalli 'Firesticks' (Pencil Cactus) 6"

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A vigorous succulent admired for its graphic and vividly coloured limbs. Consists of a freely branching network of upright, segmented, narrow and cylindrical stems, which closely resemble pencils or sticks. Insignificant leaves. Achieves heights of 30' in the wild; however, active pruning can curtail and shape growth indoors (6' and over). Staking is often-required in maturity. During cooler months, extremities assume fiery hues: pinks, oranges and yellows. Best suited to direct sunlight. Prefers to dry completely between waterings. Tips may produce star-shaped yellow flowers in ideal conditions. Contains a toxic, milky sap! Place beyond reach of small children and pets, stabilized in any medium planter by Bergs Potter

Toxic to pets/people

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10-12" Ø and 12-14" h

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