Euphorbia Lactea 'White Ghost' (Milkstripe Euphorbia) 6"

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An unusual and established specimen. Commonly known as "White Ghost" or "Milkstripe Euphorbia," and a cultivar of Euphorbia Lactea. Slow-growing, nearly-white and usually leafless. Consists of a freely branching network of upright, triangular stems with thorny ridges. Resembles a dense candelabra in maturity yet remains relatively short when grown indoors (up to 2'). Creamy white to yellow flesh contains little to no chlorophyll. Consequently, best suited to bright direct light. Looks — and is — sharp! Contains a toxic, milky sap! Place beyond reach of small children and pets, stabilized in any medium-sized planter by Bergs Potter.

Toxic to pets/people

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5-6" Ø and 15-18" h

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