Flowering Dogwood Branch

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A sight to behold and the highlight of Spring for us each year! Flowering Dogwood Branches (Cornus Florida) feature a tall, sinuous and dense network of twigs bearing many small, round, metallic-grey buds and leaf shoots. Over 1-2 weeks, these buds develop into pale green, petal-like bracts, which frame a central cluster of tiny flowers. Bracts eventually mature to double or triple their original size and become gleaming white, while their interior opens pale yellow. Available as a single medium-sized limb or as a trio of cuts of varying lengths. Best suited to a weighted vessel such as our XL Strøm Vase. Wrapped with hydration in a kraft paper sleeve.


Approximately 48-60" h (single) or 50-72" h (trio of branches).

Flower Care

Remove all delivery packaging upon receipt. Follow our care instructions to extend the life of your flowers.

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Flowers shown reflect a scale and price point only. Branch shapes vary greatly. As nature has a will of its own, on rare occasions, buds may not bloom indoors. Additional $5 delivery fee applies for this oversized item.