Tumbler Arrangement

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Weekly, or while supplies last.


An artful fresh flower arrangement in a chic metallic container. Suitable for a coffee table, credenza, dining table or kitchen island.

Our Tumbler Arrangement features the finest seasonal materials in an anodized aluminum tumbler by Utilitario Mexicano. Handmade in Mexico, every tumbler is unique and intended for a lifetime of use — either as a vase or cup for cold beverages. Available in silver or bronze. Palette is designer's choice. Materials vary daily and according to the season. Each floral design is custom-made and arranged in a reusable framework of coated chicken-wire netting.

Refresh the water daily in your kitchen sink. Support the arrangement at the neck and tip it slightly to the right or left. Turn on your tap and allow tepid fresh water to gently flow into the vase opening as old water flows out the other side.


Approximately 12"-14" in diameter.
Dimensions commensurate with vase.

Flower Care

Remove all delivery packaging upon receipt. Follow our care instructions to extend the life of your flowers.

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Flowers shown reflect a style, scale and price point only. Arrangements may vary based on seasonal and daily availability. Vases are handmade. Some variation in colour and finish is to be expected. Hand wash with neutral dishwashing soap and a non-abrasive cloth. Avoid alkaline, bleach and chlorine based detergents. Not suitable for the dishwasher, oven, direct flame or microwave.