Dried High Boule Vase Arrangement

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Now on display at The Lobby Heaps Estrin until Sunday, April 28.


An artful dried flower arrangement in a milky-white ceramic container. Suitable for an entryway, coffee table, credenza, mantle or low shelf.

Our Dried High Boule Vase Arrangement is intended for those who prefer more permanent floral displays. It showcases naturally-coloured materials, some of which we dry ourselves. Featuring Dried Annual Everlasting (Xeranthemum annum), Penny Royal (Mentha Pulegium) and Brunia Albiflora. Designed in a High Boule Vase (No. 3) by Alissa Coe, which is handmade in Piemonte, Italy and one of a kind.


Approximately 10" Ø x 24" h.
Dimensions commensurate with vase.


Remove all delivery packaging upon receipt. Display dried materials in a cool spot beyond direct sunlight, heat sources and drafts. Avoid placement in rooms with higher humidity. Do not add water.

Flowers shown reflect a style, scale, price point and specific set of materials, which are guaranteed. Vase is handmade. Some variation in colour and finish is to be expected.