Scindapsus Pictus ‘Argyraeus’ (Satin Pothos) / ‘Silver Satin’ / ‘Silvery Anne’ (Silver Pothos)


Native to southeast Asia

Air purifying
For beginners
Toxic to pets/people

General Care


Medium to bright filtered. Avoid direct sun. Tolerates low light and fluorescent light; leaf colour fades in these circumstances. 


18-24°C (spring-fall). Tolerates temperatures down to 10°C. Give a rest at 15°C (winter).




Weekly. Water moderately (spring-fall) and allow potting mix to dry halfway. Water sparingly (winter) and allow barely moist mix to dry almost fully or until leaves begin to curl. Always check moisture level before watering. Aerate mix to improve its condition. 


Once a month (spring-fall). Use organic houseplant fertilizer, according to packaging instructions.


Every 1-2 weeks, rotate plant to ensure even growth. Every 1-2 months, give your plant a tepid shower: gently spray leaf tops/undersides to free them of dust, and soak mix to leach accumulated salts. Remove spent leaves. Guide/support the growth of this climbing plant with ties and moss or bark-covered stakes or trellises. Trim unsightly or unruly vines with sterile shears.


Every 1-2 years, in spring/summer, when root-bound. Select a planter 1-2” larger in diameter and depth.

Special Points/Common Problems: 

  • Leaf variegation is produced by air pockets formed between inner and outer leaf layers, which create their reflective shimmer.
  • Yellow leaves, along with additional leaves showing brown crispy spots, may suggest underwatering. 
  • Yellowing leaves often result from overwatering. 
  • May produce spade-shaped flower (TBC). Flowers last for TBC. Once faded, trim flowers back to their base.
  • Scindapsus vines can grow to great lengths (TBC). Propagate cuttings in water, refreshing water weekly. Transfer to soil only once roots are substantial.