Clusia Rosea

Clusia Rosea

Autograph or Pitch Apple Tree


Native to Caribbean

Toxic to pets/people

General Care


Medium to direct sun.


18-30°C. Keep above 10°C.


Higher. For extra humidity: mist 1-2 times per week, place pot on moist pebbles in a tray, group with other plants, or, introduce a humidifier.


Weekly to every two weeks, in the morning. Allow moist (but never soggy) soil to dry halfway. Always check soil moisture before watering. Aerate soil to improve soil condition. 


Once in spring, summer and fall. Use organic houseplant fertilizer, according to packaging instructions.


Every 1-2 weeks, rotate plant to ensure even growth. Every 1-2 months, dust leaves with a soft, damp cloth and inspect for pests, when doing so. Trim droopy or unsightly leaves with sterile shears. Prune annually (spring). Cut back to just above leaf node, as far down stem as desired. Apply paper towel to stanch sap flow from wounds; let dry overnight.

Potting and Repotting

Soil-based potting mix. Every 2-3 years (spring) move plant into a planter 2-4” larger (diameter and depth); or, repot in the same planter, using new potting mix, after cleaning planter and partially trimming back roots and foliage. Top dress annually, once maximum convenient planter size reached.

Special Points/Common Problems: 

  • Stiff, leathery leaves may be carved into, with marks persisting for years.
  • Brown or yellow leaf edges often suggest overwatering.
  • Yellow leaves often suggest too much light.
  • May bloom pink or white flowers, which bear fruit, ripen black and split to reveal bright seeds.
  • Capable of absorbing carbon dioxide at night.