Anthurium Superbum

Anthurium Superbum

Bird’s Nest Anthurium


Native to jungles of Ecuador

Air purifying

General Care


Medium. Avoid direct sun, which can scorch leaves.


18-24°C. Keep above 13°C. Protect from temperature drops greater than 5C at night. Protect from hot and cold drafts.


    Average to higher. For extra humidity: mist 1-2 times per week, place pot on moist pebbles in a tray, group with other plants, or, introduce a humidifier.


    Every 1-2 weeks. Water moderately and allow moist potting mix to dry within top 1-2”. Always check moisture level before watering. Aerate mix to improve its condition. 


      Once a month (spring-fall). Use organic houseplant fertilizer, according to packaging instructions.


      Every 1-2 weeks, rotate plant to ensure even growth. Every 1-2 months, dust leaves with a soft, damp cloth, and inspect plant for pests, when doing so. 

      Potting and Repotting

      Soil-based potting mix. Every 1-2 years (spring), move plant into a planter 1-2” larger (diameter and depth); or, repot in the same planter, using new potting mix, after cleaning planter and partially trimming back roots and foliage. Top dress annually, once maximum convenient planter size reached.

        Special Points/Common Problems: 

        • Brown-edged, yellowing leaves or mushy stalks often suggest rot from overwatering. 
        • Droopy leaves often suggest underwatering or improper lighting, while dried, fully yellow or brown leaves often suggest underwatering.