Small Potted Orchid (Scention)

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A small potted Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis) known as Scention. Features 2 spikes of pink-to-peach-to-lavender flowers and spotted leaves. Suitable for a desk, bedside table or shelf with bright indirect to filtered sunlight. Includes one of our mini plant stakes. Available in our Parade Planter 13 cm / 4" or Elizabeth Planter 12 cm / 3.75" by Bergs Potter.


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Planter Details

Arrives well-watered and potted in a grey planter by Bergs Potter (approx. 13"-15" h including plate and plant). Each planter is designed in Denmark and handmade in Italy using signature raw clay. Planter includes drainage hole and matching silicone-treated saucer, which is waterproof. High-fired terracotta is durable and permeable, developing a unique patina over time.

Potted plants shown reflect a scale, proposed pairing and price point only. Plants are shaped by their environment and planters are handmade. Some variation is to be expected.