Potted Asparagus Retrofactus

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An ethereal and vigorous vining plant that is sure to delight. Features tiny, soft, fine-leafed and frothy fronds that resemble asparagus spears in their infancy. These, known as cladophylls, mature from deep bronze to vivid green and resemble pom poms or drifts of clouds. from afar. Suitable for a tabletop or windowsill with bright indirect to filtered sunlight. Thrives in high humidity. May be trimmed to a preferred shape or allowed to develop and sprawl organically.

Toxic to pets/people

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5" Ø and 15-20" h including plant and planter

Planter Details

Arrives well-watered and potted in your choice of Hoff Planter 14 cm / 5" by Bergs Potter. Each planter is designed in Denmark and handmade in Italy from signature raw clay. Includes drainage hole and matching silicone-treated or glazed saucer, which is water-proof. High-fired terracotta is durable and permeable, developing a unique patina over time. Best suited to plants that prefer to dry out between waterings. Intended for indoor use. 

Plants shown reflect a scale, habit and price point only. Plants are shaped by their environment. Some variation is to be expected.