Mini Potted Hoya Linearis

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A hoya with extensive, sturdy and thread-like stems featuring distinctly soft, fuzzy and needle-shaped leaves. Matures to form an impressively dense and textured curtain of growth. Given sufficient light and once established, stems may produce recurring clusters of fragrant, star-shaped flowers. Best suited to a shelf or tabletop that receives ample bright indirect light. Avoid exposure to direct afternoon sun, as this may scorch and permanently damage leaves. Available potted in two styles of grey Bergs Potter planters.

For beginners

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4.5" Ø and 5"-7" h including plant and planter.

Planter Details

Arrives well-watered and potted in a grey Julie Planter 10 cm / 3.5" or grey Kobenhavner Planter 10 cm / 3.5" by Bergs Potter. Each planter is designed in Denmark and handmade in Italy using signature clay. Planter includes drainage hole and matching silicone-treated saucer, which is waterproof. High-fired terracotta is durable and permeable, developing a unique patina over time.

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