Classico Colour Planter 28 cm / 10.5"

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A simple, convenient self-watering planter. Suitable for plants preferring moist soil and bright indirect or high light conditions. Consists of a water reservoir, soil separator, nutrient-rich "pon" substrate, a water supply channel and water-level indicator. Also includes drainage plug (remove for use outdoors). Plant roots absorb water from the reservoir as needed and over longer intervals, which results in much less frequent watering. Made from shatter-proof, frost and UV-resistant, recyclable plastic. Matte finish. Made in Germany. Intended for indoor use. Does not include additional soil for potting.


10.5" interior top Ø x 6.75" interior h (10.2" h from base)

Not suitable for plants placed in low light conditions. Pot plant directly into planter. Not suitable as a cachepot. Top-water potted plant for a minimum of 12 weeks. Thereafter, and only once plant roots established, fill water reservoir to the "maximum". Once water-level indicator reads "low", wait 2-10 days, and then refill water reservoir to "maximum". Top-water plant every third watering, to help regulate salt build-up.

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