Kalanchoe Beharensis (Felt Bush) 4"

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A spectacular succulent known to many as "Felt Bush" or "Teddy Bear Plant" because of its velveteen foliage. Large, fleshy, triangular and cupped leaves closely resemble a Napoleonic hat or elephant's ear. Slow-growing. Sturdy upright stems mature to 5' or more in ideal growing conditions indoors. Charming chocolate-coloured dots trace many of the glaucous, bronze-tinged leaves. As it is very poisonous to cats and dogs, display on a shelf with unobstructed westerly or southerly exposure, potted in any small-sized Bergs Potter planter, such as the new Flora 14 cm / 5".

Toxic to pets/people

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6-8" Ø and 8-10" h (including vines)

Planter Details

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