Hydro Vase/Planter

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A versatile vessel for displaying all manner of flora. Consists of a top with metal grid and watertight base. Handcrafted from borosilicate glass and solder. Intended for the display of fresh or dried stems, plant cuttings for propagation and small plants with sufficient roots for hydroponic growth. 


Top: approx. 4"  x 4" w x 8" h
Base: approx. 4" d x 4" w x 4" h
Combined: approx. 8" d x 8" w x 12" h


1012 Terra is the design practice of Daisuke Tsumanuma and Kenichi Yamada, based in Chiba Prefecture of Japan. Their brand name is derived both from the one trillion cells produced per day (1012) and glass cases known as terrariums, in which collected plants are grown. Their delicate and precise containers present flora in a perpetual state of change.

Made by hand. Some variation in colour and finish to be expected.