Gather Vase A

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An everyday essential produced in collaboration with the designer Sam Anderson and exclusive to Flùr. One of five (5) contemporary bud vase forms. Handmade from lightweight, shatter-resistant borosilicate glass. Available in clear and grey. Display individually or combine with others from the series to create duos, trios or larger groups. Showcase fresh or dried materials. Animate with single or mixed varieties. Propagate indoor plants and cuttings from the garden. Or, add interest to any surface with this striking silhouette on its own. A versatile vase for the home, workplace or venue. Makes an excellent gift. Includes a branded bottom and box.

Due to its shape, size and opening, this vase lends itself to the display of specific materials. For Gather Vase A, we recommend:

  • a spectacular stem measuring at least 15";

  • a pair (or more) of tall, sculptural or airy stuffs; and

  • cuttings from a vine in need of pruning or propagation.


4" Ø x 11" h (1.75" opening)


Product designer Sam Anderson lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Her practice is grounded in observation, driven by the user and concerned with beautifying experiences that may be shared. She conceived the Gather Vases in 2014. Currently, Anderson is pursuing a master's degree in Environmental Planning with a focus on human-wildlife interaction.

Flowers are not included. Made by hand. Some variation is to be expected. Clean using a mild detergent and suitable brush or non-abrasive cloth.