Oval-Mouthed Heart Vase Titanium Crystal

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A commanding heart-shaped vase with an oval opening that is emerges perpendicular to its curves. A fantastic water-tight vessel for displaying extensive branches or long trailing materials. Features luminous, subtle and shifting layers of titanium crystal glaze — all buttery yellows, siennas, pale mints and greys. Breathtaking. Considerable sparkle to matte finish throughout. Our broadest vase to date, one of a kind and handmade by Clam Lab.


10" Ø x 17" h (3.5" x 7.5" oval opening)


Clam Lab is the ceramics practice of artist Clair Catillaz, based in Catskill, New York, USA. Catillaz creates vessels of other-worldly beauty on the wheel and using traditional hand-building techniques. Her pieces are often fired multiple times in the kiln, which accounts for their remarkable, nuanced glazing. Her work expertly balances form and function.

Made by hand. Due to differences in/among monitors, actual colours may vary from those appearing on screen.