Christmas Cactus 4"

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A tropical cactus with graceful hanging branches consisting of flat segmented leaves with softly serrated edges. From mid-November and January, annually, segments produce delicate brilliant-pink tubular flowers at their tips from mid-November and January; these persist for several days. Flowering may span two to eight weeks given consistent conditions. Lends a festive touch to any indoor setting during winter. Prefers bright indirect to filtered sunlight. Avoid exposure to direct sun or temperatures below 10°C. Benefits from higher humidity conditions. 


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10-12" Ø and 12-14" h

Planter Details

Arrives well-watered in a nursery grow pot and slotted inside a glazed white Kobenhavner Planter 14 cm / 5" by Bergs Potter. Each planter is designed in Denmark and handmade in Italy using signature clay. Planter includes drainage hole and matching glazed saucer, which is waterproof. Glazed earthenware is made to last and non-porous.

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