Euphorbia Trigona 'Rubra' (African Milk Tree / Candelabra Plant) 6"

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A tall, statement plant currently with a narrow footprint. Consists of a freely branching network of upright, triangular stems with thorny ridges and large, tear-shaped leaves. Resembles a dense candelabra in maturity. Rich gradient colouring, from pale green flesh to deep burgundy tips, is dependent on direct-light exposure. Consequently, best suited to and fast-growing in a spot with ample sun. Place beyond the reach of small children and pets, stabilized in any medium Bergs Potter planter, as this plant looks — and is — sharp! Contains a toxic, milky sap, which accounts for its common name. Tolerates bright indirect light and the occasional cold snap, however, leaf-drop may ensue.

Toxic to pets/people

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8-10" Ø and 30-35" h 

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