Flight Bud Vase

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A series of two bud vases in various finishes. Sold individually but available asa complementary pair. Handmade by DA Ceramics. Cast from hand-carved forms, using natural and tinted stoneware. Matte finish on white and specked style, gloss finish on marbled. Glazed exterior/interior. 


Bird: 3.75" d x 1.5" w x 3.75" h
Cloud: 4.5" d x 2.25" w x 4.5" h


DA Ceramics is the design practice of multidisciplinary artist and designer, Dasha Valakhanovitch. Using unconventional tools and inventive techniques, she produces refined, playful yet functional forms in her Toronto studio.

Produced in batches and glazed by hand. Some variation in colour and finish to be expected.